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Michael Pedroza
Founder and President
M Rodriguez
Maricela Rodriguez
Secretary and Director

Michael is a U.S. Navy Veteran.  He has created this foundation in order to bring a GREATER awareness of homelessness amongst Veterans, and how to better combat and prevent this issue from continuing to occur.

Maricela Rodriguez has been a great proponent of Veterans for years.  She has volunteered her time to organizations like Chicago Veterans, Marine Corps League Chapultepec Det. #1408, & Honor Flight Chicago to name a few.  She has given of herself in service to HVIARF and now we welcome her aboard to continue our mission.

Luke Bialczak.jpg
Luke Bialczak
Resources Liaison

Luke is a U.S. Army Veteran that has joined our mission and brings a great passion to help all Veterans in their pursuit of being whole again.  Welcome aboard!!!

Robert Karmgard.jpg
Robert Karmgard
In Memoriam - 2022

Bob was a U.S. Army J.A.G. Veteran, retired Federal Court Judge, and the Past Commander of the American Legion Chicago Police Post 207.  He had joined our crusade to combat & prevent Veteran homelessness.  We will miss his candor, ideas & wit.

Octavio - Veteran Peer Support.jpg
Octavio Lozano
In Memoriam - 2021

Octavio Lozano was a U.S. Army Veteran - 108th Military Police Corps and 82nd Airborne Paratrooper.  He joined us in our pursuit to help the homeless Veterans on the streets of Chicago.  You will be missed...."Eighty Deuce - America's Guard of Honor"

James "Jimmy" Proffitt
In Memoriam - 2014

James “Jimmy” Proffitt was a U.S. Marine Veteran that tirelessly gave of himself and his family to help feed and clothe Homeless Veterans on the streets of Chicago. Today we will continue the work that he has started and more...

Background story...

While both, Jimmy & Paul, were out in the streets of Chicago on a Sunday afternoon "Sandwich Run", feeding Homeless Veterans; Jimmy and Paul were chatting about the issues relating to POW/MIAs.  


Jimmy was looking around at all the Homeless Veterans and began thinking about how they are being missed here at home, when he said aloud: 


These Veterans are MIAs – ‘Missing In America’.

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